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through scientific discovery.Inside the hall, visitors are welcomed by a flying apsaras imit▓ating the familiar double helix of DNA molecules.The structure is composed of little balls that are co

n▓trolled by computer, and can be transformed into different shapes according to the different programs.The new Science & Technology Museum has five halls ▓with different themes, that includes one for science lov▓ers to play interactive games, one that introduces anc

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    ient Chinese inventions, one featuring new frontier discoverie▓s, one featuring science in daily life, and one foc▓uses on the future.The museum is also equipped with ▓laboratories, classrooms, a cinema, and a lan

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    e introducing popular science. The new museum is two-and-a-half times larger than its predecessor.Yunnan Academy of▓ Agricultural Sciences has been created a mutual agricultu▓ral science and technology

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demonstrationl Park between China and other countries in the world, which is becoming the ▓agricultural science and technology platform t

o show the▓ agriculture in Yunnan Province and even China's agriculture in the Southeast Asian countries.Relying on t▓he fact of the opening up to the borderes policy as well as the double advantage of low-cost